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Lobby Bar - Restaurant


Dear Guests, As of 24.03.2020, it has become obligatory for the food and beverage service provided in our hotel within the scope of Coronavirus measures to be served as a package for the health of you and those around you and to consume these foods in the rooms by the guests.

You can get your specially prepared breakfast packages from Sedef Restaurant at the times indicated below.

Empty packages will be collected from your rooms by the staff at the end of the relevant meal, you can also leave your empty packages in front of your door.

Note: During this period, Sedef Restaurant will be closed.

Breakfast 07:00 - 10:00 

Thank you for your understanding.



Please enjoy yourself with pool tables, football games on TV and music with delicious menu and coctails in LOBBY BAR.


The Sedef restaurant is a spacious and aesthetic space where 350 people can eat comfortably with a reflection of the unquestionable quality of rich and healthy breakfasts, elite group meals and an open buffet that appeals to the distant tastes of ordinary people. In addition to the delicacies that our expert chefs have enriched with excellent touches, you can have a chance to taste an insatiable drink. Besides its impressive architecture, its central location, superior service concept is an indispensable point for our guests and our neighbors. 

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